Upcoming Auctions

Public Auction

Saturday October 19th, 10:00 AM

5260 N. Walnut St. Covington, Ohio 45318

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This is just a sample of some of the amazing finds at the auction.

Toys/Collectables: Saddlebag, Bradford Pumpkin Festival Program, 1943 Aircraft Parachute Wood Crate, Coca-Cola Cooler, Wash Board, Barrel Drill, Tobacco Tins-Straus-Keilson, Old Lager Box, Wood Barrel Tap, Sock Stretcher, Vintage Military Trailers w/Tarp & New Tires, Vintage Polaroid Camera, Toy Airplane Kits, Dutch Candy Tin, Restaurant Grill Signs w/Letters – Coca Cola, 200 Wood Model Train Toy Sets, Prince Albert Tobacco Tins, Ice Cream Tin, 1930’s Newspaper’s, Coca-Cola Paper Cups, Old Feed Sacks, Vintage Metal Kids Lunch Boxes, Swimsuit Calendars, Military Jacket & Overcoat, Eastern Star Plates, Jarts Lawn Game, Vintage Hand Seeder, Beetle Bailey Toy Collectors Car, Cadillac Model Car.  

Guns/Knives/Ammunition: Daisy BB Gun w/holster, Hand painted Halls Safe and Lock Co Safe, Draw Knife, Several Knives, Large wooden Ammo Box, Winchester Ammo Box. 

Tools: Table Saw, Tool Cabinets, Two Shop Smiths, Sheet Brake, Sander, Two 9” Craftsman’s Table Saws, File Cabinets, Bench Grinder, Electric Air Compressor, Locker Cabinet 78”, Milling Pieces, Chain Wrenches, Yankee Drill, Hydraulic Cans, Paint Mixer, Nuts & Bolt Caddy, Concrete Tools, Hammers, Rivet Tools, Table-Top Drill Press, Tapping & Dye Tools, Table Spindles, Shovels, Clamps, Drill Bits, Braces, Insulators, Paint Brushes, Zephyr Drill ½”,  Conduit Knock-Out, Chisel Guide, Fence Charger, Saw Clamp, Scrappers, Breakers, Hardware Cabinet, Peg Board Hooks, Electrical Tape, Casters, Staple Guns, Belt Sander, Wood Hammer Handles, Upholstery Tacks, PVC Pipe 6” & 8”, Sander, Panel Door Mover,  Tap Cons, Wooden Spool,

Scrap: Aluminum, Wood, Steel, Electrical Wire, Rolls of Wire and wood.

Equipment/Outdoor Gear: Leather Carry Bag, Leaf Chipper, Vintage Brunswick Bowling Ball Cleaner, Vintage Coleman Cooler, Outdoor Lights, Fishing Gear, Brass Propellers, Adler Outdoor Lights, Bee Keeper Smoker, Paint Sprayer, Weights, Tennis Rackets, Heat Lamps, Shoulder Cooler, Dart Board, Wood Step Stool/Ladder, Ice Skates, Walnut Pickers, Skin Boards, Live Animal Trap, Hoes, Ice Fishing Poles, Nursery Scale, Animal Carrier, Golf Bag, Bee Hives, Two Motor Boats w/Title & Motor, Yard Tools, Fishing Poles, Large Industrial Scale, Baseball Bucket, Chicken Wire, Trough, Galvanized Tubs, Vintage Belt Massager,

Furniture:  Washer/Dryer, Refrigerators, Desk Clock, Leather Lift Chair, Dining Table, Queen Ann Table Legs, Stove, Vintage School Desk

Houseware:Brass door handles, Vintage door pulls, Vintage Washing Machine, Cast Iron Fire Pot, Old Rotary Phones, Bread Box, Press/Juicer, Canning Pots, Bottle Capper, Corn Husking Pegs, Hinges, Meat Grinder, Picture Frames, Sewing Machine Parts, Stainless Steel Pots & Pans, Ceramic Mugs, Dehydrator, Vegetable Cutter, Westinghouse Roaster, Door Chime, Table, Vintage Hairdryers,  Roaster with Stand, Stainless Steel Hot Bar Pans, Metal Kitchen Cabinet, Meat Saw, Croc w/Lid, Wooden Bowl, Advertising Envelopes, Slaw Cutters, Hand Painted Ceramic Bowls, Glass Stove Fuel Tank, Granite Pots & Pans, Cast Stove, Sausage Press, Royal Type Writer, Vintage Hot Plates,

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